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Dairy Industries

Harvesting of animal milk for human consumption has been in practice since the domestication of animals first came into existence. Milk and by products of milk are the crucial part of the diet for us, humans. These products contain all the essential nutrients necessary for kids to grow and they are a vital part of the human diet.

A dairy is responsible for carrying out the task of harvesting animal milk. And over the years, there has been tremendous development in dairy science and milking technology. Today, that development primarily focuses on preserving the essential nutrients of the dairy products by improving the level of hygiene required during the production of those products. To increase the level of hygiene during the production of dairy products, the modern dairy industries now utilize aseptic, easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant stainless steel equipment and machineries. To manufacture these equipment and machineries, dairy equipment manufacturers largely utilize different grades stainless steel profile wires.

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To manufacture dairy products, the machineries and equipment that are made from stainless steel profile wires include:
  • Farm equipment, including milking machines, sheds and barns, and milk tanks
  • Containers, such as storage tanks, maturation tanks, process tanks, etc.
  • Tanker trucks to transport unprocessed milk
  • Heat treatment machineries used for sterilization or pasteurization. Examples of such machineries include evaporators, plate heat exchangers, and tabular coolers
  • Special machineries for making specific dairy products like cheese and butter. Examples of such machineries include curd slicer, churns, and butyrate equipment
  • Packaging machines, filtration equipment, valves, pumps, pipes, and so on