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Vision & Mission


People: Create a conducive environment to leverage one's full potential

Technology: Invest in acquiring the latest know how & deploy it for value creation

Growth: Explore new Verticals & Markets to enhance organization's Top Line

Profit: Focus continuously on improving 'Returns on Investments'

Culture: Build a cohesive team with positive & winning attitude



Provide Innovative, Reliable, Competitive, High quality Stainless Steel Enclosures & Stainless steel products.



Our Values are Guiding Force for us to Accomplish our Mission with Highest Ethical Standards

Leadership: Lead from the Front & Lead by Example

Co-operation: Demonstrate Synergy & Deliver Collective Genius

Integrity: I am the owner of the Organization

Passion: Work is next to God

Change: Be constructive & courageous to bring in Change

Safety: A safe you is a safe me

Environment: We do pledge to protect the environment & its betterment

Ethics: We do pledge to follow highest ethical standards